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Software development

Since the start back in 1997 we have developed professional systems and software in a wide range of fields for clients across Europe and the USA. 

We pioneered the internet video and streaming media industry back in the late 90´s and has since continued to stay at the forefront of internet and IT related innovation and technology.

During the last years we have been focusing on LED lighting control, home automation, home surveilance, security and IoT, but we have also developed other custom built web-applications for different clients and needs.

We can help you develop the software or system you are looking for. Get started by contacting us.

Our latest project

Our latest software release is the Moodifier Daemon lighting control server software for the Raspberry Pi. The server software also runs on Mac OS X and Linux (we just have not released it yet). 

Moodifier Daemon lets you control, schedule and automate your entire Moodifier, Philips hue and other hue compatible ZigBee LED lighting from any web browser on any device. Try it yourself by:

  1. Download the Moodifier Daemon install script to your Raspberry Pi.
  2.  Run the script in Terminal on your Pi.
    -Moodifier Daemon should then be running on your Pi.
  3.  Access the Moodifier Daemon server on your Pi by browsing to the ip address of your Pi, or by visiting that will auto re-direct you to your Pi.







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